I need to replace the door on my inlet valve, where can I get one?

The door itself is not replaceable. The whole valve needs to be replaced. Valves are only available through your Local Dealer.

I broke the toe kick on my VacPan. Do I need to replace the whole valve?

No, there is a repair kit available. Contact your Local Dealer.

I hear air flowing through my VacPan. Should this be happening?

You should not hear any air flowing through the VacPan when you are using other inlets in the home. Open up the VacPan and feel inside with your fingers, there may be something lodged inside that is keeping it from shutting all the way. If the problem continues, contact your Local Dealer.

I have standard inlet valves, can I install Chameleon?

Possibly. It depends on the access to the vacuum tubing behind the walls. The best way to determine if you can retrofit a Chameleon or add a valve for a hybrid system, is to contact your Local Dealer.

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