What is the difference between electric, battery and air-driven powerheads?

Air-driven powerheads use a high-speed turbine to harness the airflow of your Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum System to turn the brush roller. Electric powerheads rely on an additional electric motor within the powerhead to operate. Battery powerheads are a great choice when you want the additional powerhead motor but are using a retractable hose system or cannot provide the required additional electricity while vacuuming. All options provide great cleaning performance for carpeted areas.

What powerhead can I use with my Chameleon Retractable Hose System?

All available air-driven turbine powerheads and battery powerheads are a great companion to the Chameleon Retractable Hose System.

I have silk/soft texture carpets and they say my Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum will work on them, will it?

We have both an electric powerhead, Edge Soft-Clean, and a air-driven turbine powerhead, TurboCat Zoom ST, that were specifically designed for these types of carpet that are 80-100 ounce pile weight. They have a series of holes along the front to allow for increased airflow, easier maneuverability and usage. We have been told by numerous consumers that many flooring companies would not honor warranty of the carpet if a powerhead other than these are used. Contact your Local Dealer for more information.

I would like to switch to an electric powerhead, is there a way I can do this?

Yes, you would need to purchase both an electric powerhead and an electric hose with a 6' pigtail cord that can be conveniently plugged into an electrical receptacle to supply the powerhead with the power needed to operate. There are pre-packaged accessory kits available or you may purchase a hose and powerhead separately from your Local Dealer or online at Central Vacuum Headquarters.

The brush on my TurboCat will not spin, what should I do?

Turn your TurboCat over and remove the clear plastic belt protector by turning the two black clips holding it in place. You will see a channel that makes a "v" shape. Take a flashlight and look down inside that channel, there may be an object stuck in the channel that is preventing the brush from spinning. Use your fingers or a screwdriver to dislodge the object. If you cannot see an object stuck in the channel, contact your Local Dealer to futher troubleshoot the problem.

How do I change the belt on my TurboCat?

Turn your TurboCat over and remove the clear plastic belt protector by turning the two black clips holding it in place. Remove the three screws holding the baseplate. Pull the baseplate off and remove the belt shroud. Remove the brush roller and shaft supports. Pull the brush roller out. Slide the belt off the turbine and off the brush roller. Place new belt on the turbine and slide over brush roller. (Be sure that the belt is properly twisted.) Place the baseplate onto the housing and reinsert the three screws. Put the lower side of the clear plastic belt protector in first, then turn the black clips to return them back into place.

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