I have low suction at the end of my hose handle, what could be the problem?

1. The dirt canister may need emptied or the bag may need to be replaced - follow the instructions in your Owner's Manual based on your power unit type.
2. The hose may be clogged. To check if there is an obstruction, unplug the hose and insert an object that is smaller than the diameter of the hose (a butter knife works well). Pass the object completely through the hose, if it stops, that will indicate where the obstruction is located. A dry garden hose can be inserted into the hose to help push the obstruction through.
3. The dirt canister may not be properly seated to the gasket. Follow instructions in your Owner's Manual based on your power unit type. 
4. The tube line may be obstructed. First, check the 90° elbow located directly behind the inlet valves, if an obstruction occurs it will usually not make it past this elbow. If the obstruction is not visible at the elbow, attempt to purge the tubing at each inlet valve. To do this, connect the hose and use your hand to stop airflow at the end of the hose for a couple seconds, then let airflow resume. Repeat if necessary.
If vacuum suction has not been restored, contact your Local Dealer for service.

My ON/OFF switch doesn't work, can this be fixed?

Yes, most replacement switches are available through your Local Dealer. However, before you call for a replacement switch, doublecheck that the hose end is pushed firmly into the inlet valve in the wall.

Why does static electricity build up in my wands?

The shock that you may sometimes feel is static electricity building up in your metal wands. This has nothing to do with electrical wiring and does not mean that something is wrong with your system. When vacuuming, electrons from the dust particles build up in the wands as static electricity and when it jumps from the wand it can create a shock. To avoid this, simply hold a portion of your hand or finger on the metal wand, this will allow the charge to dissipate. Another option is to wipe the hose, handle and wand with a dryer sheet.

My hose kinks frequently, how can I prevent this from happening?

Pull the hose straight out, as you would a garden hose, before vacuuming. Installing a hose sock and/or storing the hose properly on the hose rack should also ensure less kinking.

What is a hose sock and why would I need one?

A hose sock is a soft cover that fits snugly over the hose to protect furniture, walls, woodwork, and corners from scuffing/scratches at the hose may rub against them while vacuuming.

The Chameleon/Spot hose is difficult to release before retracting.

If the hose is difficult to rotate when releasing, make sure the end of the hose handle is not covered. Once released, partially cover the handle to retract.

My hose was accidently removed from my Chameleon/Spot Valve. How do I put it back in?

Simply insert the hose cuff end back into the valve until the hose "clicks" into the locked position. Begin vacuuming or follow the "Storing the Hose" section in the Chameleon or Spot operating instructions.

What type of hoses fit into the SuperValve?

All direct connect hoses offered by H-P Products fit into SuperValves.

Are there hose extensions available?

Yes, hose extensions are available for standard, non-electric hoses in 7', 10', 15' and 20'. However, when you're using a hose extension, you will not be able to turn the hose ON or OFF at the switch  handle. Contact your Local Dealer to purchase.

What lengths are hoses available in?

The standard hose length is 30'. Low voltage hoses (TurboGrip and e-Z Grip) and standard hoses (ultralite and crushproof) are available in 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 35', 40', and 50'. Electric hoses are only available up to 35'. Check with your Local Dealer for the best length to fit your vacuuming needs.

Is there an adapter to connect two hoses?

Yes, hose extensions come with the needed adapter. Contact your Local Dealer to purchase.

I would like to replace my hose, how do I know what hose to order?

Your hose type is based on your home's inlet valves. To ensure you are ordering the correct hose type, view the hose end images on Central Vacuum Headquarters prior to purchasing or contact your Local Dealer to purchase.

Is it easy to move the hose from room to room?

Yes, hoses are lightweight, durable and specially reinforced to resist crushing and kinking.

What kind of accessories are available?

We offer a full range of accessories designed to clean carpeting, hard flooring, upholstery, draperies, staircases and more! Contact your Local Dealer or visit Central Vacuum Headquarters to purchase.

Will a central vacuum work on my bare floors?

Of course! Dirt Devil® Central Vacuums are perfect for hard-surface flooring. Instead of stirring up dirt, dust and debris with a broom, you can vacuum it with specially designed bare floor tools. The dirt gets deposited into the dirt canister, eliminating the recirculation of dust into the living space.

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